Monday, July 31, 2006

type sizes in C vs bit sizes

An interesting difference between C type sizes and the architectures that they're hosted on has come across in a rather annoying manner since I've been working on byteswapping builtins for gcc. The standard library function (for integers at least) comes in the standard, long, and long long styles, e.g. ctz, ctzl, ctzll. This has some odd side effects for things which usually return a value of the size of a register or the size of the input. Writing a general routine when you're using a cross compiler is difficult because it depends on the size of the type on the target machine which isn't always readily available. This is why a lot of these routines should be based on the size of the type that was wanted - based on the types in stdint.h for example.

For the new byte swapping builtins I followed this idea, we now have __builtin_bswap32 and __builtin_bswap64 which take and return types of int32_t and int64_t respectively. We needed to add some additional size specific types into gcc for this, but it'll help when we want to specify additional builtins of this sort. Hopefully future revisions of the various standards will have standard libraries that require sizes and types instead of just types.

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