Friday, November 30, 2007

Dumb ideas...

Ever had one of those dumb ideas that you start thinking about and go "hey, this just might work - and not suck too much"?

Yeah. Me too. This could be entertaining. (Stack slot indeed...)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lots of talks lately...

One on more effective use of gcc, a pair of tutorials on how to use OpenMP and tonight's effort of a brief tutorial and explanation of autotools. If anyone is interested in my slides or pdfs send me email and I'll forward on a copy. I suppose I should make them available somewhere.

Tom and Ian both made posts on them recently - amazingly good timing for me. I agree that a new solution needs to happen, most of autoconf is a pain, takes too long, and is too hard for most people to maintain. I like automake, but am also sympathetic to wanting something new there too. I did look at cmake as someone mentioned in a comment to Ian, but didn't really have time to get into it.

I've been working on some moderately interesting stuff at work, but can't really post about it yet. Hopefully soon though, not very gcc related unfortunately though.